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"From the Past"

EMT Jennifer Merideth Involved in an Accident

     On Thursday March 20th, Laurens County EMS and Dr. Reinhardt, along with members of the Clinton FD, Laurens County Sheriffs Office and Med Trans 1 participated in a mock DUI at Laurens County Hospital. The audience...........for more pictures and the rest of this story, please download the March 07 edition of "Our Newsletter" here.



Paramedic Mayfield meets Rudy Giuliani

LCEMS EMT-P Mayfiled, her dog Dillon, and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani

     On Feb the 21st 2007 former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani came to Spartanburg Fire Department for his presidential campaign of 2008. He gave a 30 minute speech which included topics concerning homeland security, foreign trade, Earth effects with global warming, and how to better..............for more on this story, please download the February 07 edition of "Our Newsletter" here.


2006 EMT of the Year

Congratulations to:

EMT Dee Wilson

EMT of the Year 06

Captain Bob Shick

Paramedic of the Year 06



LCEMS Receives New CPAP Devices

     Laurens County EMS will have a new tool in their medical arsenal to combat respiratory distress secondary to CHF. That tool, hailed as a life saving appliance and long used in hospitals is a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device.  Unlike the hospital units which operate on AC electricity, this device is powered by pressurized oxygen making it portable for pre-hospital use. It is estimated that pre-hospital use of these units will significantly reduce the number of patients that have to be intubated (a tube placed in the airway) which could also reduce hospital admission days. “CPAP has been shown to rapidly improve vital signs, gas exchange, decrease the work of breathing,  and lessen the sense of shortness of breath,” says Captain Chad Burrell, Education Coordinator for Laurens County EMS. “We are excited about the opportunity to utilize these units on our ambulances. Our citizens will be well served by the use of these devices and the local hospitals have expressed strong support for the pre-hospital use of CPAP.” The units will be placed on the ambulances mid December.



Bob Shick Promoted to Alpha Shift Captain

     In 1983, Bob moved to the Upstate where he received his certification as a Paramedic. He spent 7 years with Greenville County EMS before moving to Mobile Care for 3 years.  Bob then worked in the Pediatric ER at Greenville Memorial for 7 years before finally coming to Laurens County in 2003. Congratulations to Captain Bob Shick for his recent promotion into the Laurens County EMS Command Staff.



Congratulations to our Recently Promoted Lieutenants

Lt. Matt Pennington

Alpha Shift

    Matt has worked for LCEMS for 11 years, and as a Paramedic for 6 years. Matt’s current function on A shift is doing QA, along with his other duties as First Responder Education Coordinator. During his “off time” Matt is the assistant chief at Sandy Springs FD, and is currently attending Greenville Tech to obtain his Associates Degree in Health Science.

Lt. Mike Sullivan

Bravo Shift

    Mike has worked for LCEMS for 7 years as a Paramedic. Mikes current function as Lt. on B shift is doing QA, along with his other duties as in charge of our Infection Control program, Mike is also an active member of Gray Court FD and the Laurens County SORT team, and Asst. Coordinator of the Rope and Technical Rescue Division and the Coordinator of the Wilderness Search And rescue Team.

Lt. Robbie McHone

Charlie Shift

    Robbie's career with LCEMS began in 1988 as a reserve EMT-B. His interest in EMS began with his membership with the Green pond FD in 1986. Robbie went FT with EMS in 1990 and became a Paramedic in 1992. Robbie is an active member with the Laurens county Hazmat team. During his “off time” Robbie enjoys hunting and fishing.



LCEMS Lake Patrol a Success

Dean Bishop and Gary Shaw

LCEMS had EMS personnel standing by on Lake Greenwood over the 4th of July week. Over those few days, the “Lake Patrol” responded to four requests for help. This provided people with a much quicker EMS response time, thus providing patients with quicker treatment.
“There were a few interesting things that happened”, according to EMT Dean Bishop, who captained one of the boats used for lake response. “On one particular response, there were several people standing on the porch of a lake house, when it collapsed. No one was seriously hurt, but there were some minor injuries” said Bishop. Thank you to all of our employees who helped make the “Lake Patrol” a success.


EMS Week Celebration

May 17 3:00 PM until 7:00PM

The Exchange Building at the Laurens County Fair Grounds

Laurens County EMS invites you to join us for an open house drop in at the Exchange Building at the Laurens County Fair Grounds on Fairgrounds Road at Exchange Drive and Hwy 76 in Laurens. 

We will be honoring all EMS personnel and first responders who dedicate their lives to the citizens of Laurens County.



Laurens County EMS welcomes a new member……………”Dillon”

Becky Mayfield a Senior Paramedic for Laurens County EMS and a Canine Search Specialist for South Carolina Task Force 1 has received a new canine named Dillon. Becky received Dillon, a 15 month old black lab, from Tennessee Task Force 1.  Dillon brings a lot of experience to Laurens and will soon become certified as a Type 1 Disaster Canine. Thad Bowman with canine Clyde, Duane Brock, and Becky Mayfield took a 1667-mile road trip to Memphis TN to receive Dillon and train at the Tennessee Canine Training Facility. While in TN training they had the opportunity to meet and interact with the Taiwanese Urban Search and Rescue Team. The training in TN included a barrel field with approximately 300 barrels for individuals to hide in while the canine searches and also a 4 acre rubble pile. Congratulations to Becky for being chosen as Dillon’s handler.



Laurens County EMS Lieutenant Gives Back to the March of Dimes

Alana Aldridge

Lt. Troy Aldridge and his family are walking 6 miles to help raise money for the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes raises money for research on premature babies and high risk pregnant mothers. Troy’s daughter was born 10 weeks early and weighed only 2 lbs. 8 oz’s. The March of Dimes assisted the Aldridge family during the first 7 weeks of their daughters’ life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Greenville Memorial Hospital. Now they are trying to do their part in giving back to this wonderful organization by walking for awareness and collecting needed donations. If you would like to help or find out more about Troy and his family, please click HERE.



Laurens County EMS Participates in a Walk for Paramedic Ken Copeland

Ken, a long time part of the EMS community, has been diagnosed with cancer. The event took place on April 1st, 2006 in Greer to honor and help Ken with financial needs associated with the treatment phase of his recovery. The walk started at Greer Stadium and ended at the Greer Fire Department where Ken was waiting. The walk involved several area EMS agencies, Fire Departments, and an Honor Guard leading the march.

Special thanks to the following LCEMS personnel who participated:

Cameron Eller, Matt Pennington, Steve Cotter, Chad Burrell, Shawn Ramsey, Pete Jensen, Patty Summer, Jennifer Merideth, and Mike Sullivan (not pictured)



Laurens County EMS Distributes Four AED’s to Local Fire Departments

LCEMS received four automated external defibrillators this year from the South Carolina Office of Rural Health through the South Carolina Rural Access to Emergency Devices grant program. The AED’S are placed based on need and capabilities of the surrounding fire departments. LCEMS is working hard to ensure that these potential life saving devices are available to our first responders to use throughout the community. Each of the following departments will receive one AED from this years grant, along with training for the use of the particular model.

Cross Hill Fire Department

Western Laurens Fire Department

Youngs Fire Department

Sandy Springs Fire Department



Laurens County EMS Sends 5 to Field Officer Training School.

On February 4, 2006 five LCEMS Senior Paramedics participated in an all day Field Training Officer school in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The course gave them the opportunity to expand and enhance thier abilities as field training officers for the department.  Congratulations to Becky Mayfield, Jason Eichman (not pictured), Andrew Heiney, Bob Shick, and Tony Clark for their efforts to make Laurens County EMS a better place for new employees to begin or continue their careers. 



Laurens County EMS Participates in Mangagement Training.

On January 24 and 26, 2006 members of Laurens County EMS along with members of Greenville County EMS participated in management seminars to enhance the ability of their management teams to effectively deal with various system issues. The two seminars included topics on conducting effective investigations and on information for supervisors pertaining to workplace law.  LCEMS teammembers present were Steve Cotter, Scott Robinson, Becky Mayfield, Troy Aldridge, Andrew Heiney, Alton Wilson, Denise Lancaster, Chad Burrell, Jeremy Baker, Jason Eichman, and Shawn Ramsey. Thanks to each of these employees for their successful completion of these classes.



Laurens County School District Thanks EMS.

Laurens County EMS received a letter from Ms. Connie Bryant regarding public relations events that we provide for Laurens County Schools. Please read the letter below.

January 18, 2006

Chad Burrell

Laurens EMS

PO Box 391

Laurens, SC 29360

Dear Chad Burrell,

I would like to thank you and the EMS staff for the help and support you provide for Laurens School District 55. The Career Fairs, Shadowing opportunities, and Vehicle Day we have each year are such wonderful ways for student’s to explore career paths. I feel that by exposing them while in school gives them a chance to see first hand careers they might choose. EMS has done a great job in letting them see another aspect of medical careers. Besides showing them careers you also do a good job at teaching them do be safe by having the Mock DUI demonstration at our High School before prom. This surely has saved many lives by showing them what happens when you drink and drive.                                                      

Again thanks for all you do in Career Exploration and saving lives in Laurens County.


Connie R. Bryant